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    Giving Credence To A Fugitive

    Giving Credence To A Fugitive

    He has been called many things, ranging from a traitor to a whistleblower to a protector of privacy rights, but what no one can argue with is that he is a fugitive from the USA because he has broken laws — such as stealing documents that are not his to steal, and revealing them to international audiences that are not his to reveal, and setting himself up as the judge and jury, in violation of his contractual agreements. [...]

    New Study: B2B, Let Me Hear You Humanize in 2011

    Digital communities are an integral part of any business-to-business marketing strategy. According to a recent survey by the Worldcom Public Relations Group, the world’s leading partnership of independently owned PR firms, nearly all companies now recognize the importance of social media, but many are still unsure how to use the medium to humanize their brand