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    Amazon’s ordinary promotion that wasn’t…

    Amazon’s ordinary promotion that wasn’t…

    For its 20th anniversary, Amazon decided to create a new shopping “holiday” Prime Day, named after the online retailers membership platform, Amazon Prime. At first glance, other than the self-serving nature of the new “holiday”, the concept appeared to be a stroke of brand marketing genius from the company that more or less pioneered online retail. Touted by Amazon as the day that would upend the other big shopping day of the year, “Black Friday,” excited shoppers prepared to grab deals that would be better than those offered at the traditional start of the holiday shopping season. (Read More->)

    The Re-defining of PR Generalists

    The Re-defining of PR Generalists

    Traditionally, PR Generalists were defined as having in depth experience in several industry sectors, as compared to specialty agencies that focused primarily on a single industry. For example, some specialty agencies would solely focus on the tech industry or healthcare industry or on the consumer packaged goods industry. Traditionally clients had greater confidence in specialists and the “sell” for generalists to convince companies that their industry experience matched that of specialists, was often an uphill battle. (Read More…)


    Warning: Google May Be Hazardous To Your Public Relations Success

    In the house where I grew up, a replica of Rodin’s well-known sculpture, The Thinker, made its home between an array of classic and modern novels, antiques and family photos on a living room bookshelf. The iconic depiction of a man rendered incapacitated by thought, served as an inspirational reminder of the boundless gravity of thought, as we headed out the front door each morning. Read more…