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ReplyAll Podcast, Re: Are We FALLing Too Hard?

Hi all, Have you ever clicked on the link to a news story and laughed out loud? Like, embarrassingly loud. So loud, that you immediately copy and paste the link into your email and send it around to your coworkers? And within minutes, one of them hits “Reply All” and the next thing you know, […]

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    REI: Altruism Or Savvy Marketing?

    By now it’s all over the news…

    REI, the privately held niche retailer that primarily sells outdoor recreation gear, sporting goods and apparel, is planning to buck the tide and close on Black Friday, traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year. It will not only close all of its 143 stores but also black out its website and give its 12,000 employees a paid day off so that they can “go outside.” The rationale behind this according to REI President and CEO Jerry Stritzke, is that Black Friday shopping had “gotten out of hand” and the company wanted to “encourage people to get outside, saying “maybe this was one of the most authentic things we could do.”

    The dilemma of budgeting for PR

    The dilemma of budgeting for PR

    How much should small to mid-sized companies budget for PR? Unlike the advertising discipline, which used to have an answer of between 2 and 5 percent of gross revenue, there have been no real guidelines for PR spending, and for good reason. PR has traditionally offered no real guidelines for how much organizations should spend. […]

    Amazon’s ordinary promotion that wasn’t…

    Amazon’s ordinary promotion that wasn’t…

    For its 20th anniversary, Amazon decided to create a new shopping “holiday” Prime Day, named after the online retailers membership platform, Amazon Prime. At first glance, other than the self-serving nature of the new “holiday”, the concept appeared to be a stroke of brand marketing genius from the company that more or less pioneered online retail. Touted by Amazon as the day that would upend the other big shopping day of the year, “Black Friday,” excited shoppers prepared to grab deals that would be better than those offered at the traditional start of the holiday shopping season. (Read More->)


    Do You Speak Emoji?

    In 2005, a journalist for a well-known automotive magazine published his monthly column written entirely as a text message, complete with mind-numbing SMS shorthand vernacular that included phrases like “my friends all like 2 say that im always txting 2 much” and “ok thx 4 reading my column C U next time.” At the time, this was both cutting edge (RIP Motorola Razr…) and rip-roaringly funny for those of us who texted often.

    Brands and the Big Scary Dislike Button

    Earlier this week, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the long requested “dislike” option for Facebook posts and comments was in the works. Despite Zuckerberg’s caveat that the button would convey empathy, rather than negativity, the announcement has caused rumblings among individual users and organizations, alike.

    How Being In Good Company Can Trigger Media Interest

    As communication professionals, we’re constantly scouring the press and social media for trends and storylines in which to insert our clients. We are the frontlines between the public and the perceptions of the brands that we work with everyday. We are also tirelessly acting as newsrooms for clients by crafting curated content and media releases […]