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  • LA office construction update. New carpet going in! #pr #30PPMGPR

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    The Re-defining of PR Generalists

    The Re-defining of PR Generalists

    Traditionally, PR Generalists were defined as having in depth experience in several industry sectors, as compared to specialty agencies that focused primarily on a single industry. For example, some specialty agencies would solely focus on the tech industry or healthcare industry or on the consumer packaged goods industry. Traditionally clients had greater confidence in specialists and the “sell” for generalists to convince companies that their industry experience matched that of specialists, was often an uphill battle. (Read More…)

    Starbucks and McDonalds Raise the Bar on Social Responsibility

    Starbucks and McDonalds Raise the Bar on Social Responsibility

    So, based on a social media backlash and nasty rants in the media, Starbucks had to retreat from its “Race Together” campaign last week, which was bashed by loud nay-sayers as a negative, when it was meant to be a positive – a way of simply having a conversation and bringing attitude and opinions about race out in the open. After all that is what “café life” is about traditionally, having conversations, no? (Read More->)

    Celebrating 30 Years…

    Celebrating 30 Years…

    Our agency opened its doors on March 25th 1985. It’s been exactly three decades..

    So I say, “Hello 30th.” It’s our day…

    I think of that day back in ’85 with bewilderment as to how it was possible to open up a new business with two credit cards, one Mac, no email, no cell phones and one client with billing not sufficient in revenue to sustain the agency for one month. Back then we opened as Pollack and Setzer, Setzer being Paul Setzer, who stayed for a year and a half, at which time we became The Pollack PR Marketing Group. (Read More->)


    5 Ways to Create Public Relation…ships

    In an age when public relations professional have massive media databases, email-merge capability, ready and available access to any and all information at any time and in any place, it’s easy to forget that the media consists of people. I mean to say, individual people with personalities, interests, bad days and good days, favorite music sensations and plans for their days off. (Read More…)